Individual and Group Transport

We are Saskatoon's only truly reliable transportation company with current models of almost every vehicle type to get the job done professionally and on time.

Local Trips - Lunches, Dinners, Meetings, Important Events. Enjoy the convenience of a vehicle dedicated to you.  Set rates for vehicle types, passenger # and Distance / Time.  Know what to expect in advance.

Out of Town Trips - We specialize in transport Province wide for indivduals and groups. Our drivers our scheduled for your trip only and have everything mapped out. With Taxies you will get a less than desirable or maintained vehicle, the driver most likely is unfamiliar with out of town directions and has probably woked for 8 - 10 hours prior to your trip.  Ideal for 1 way trips, seniors, medical transport and business travel.

Airport Trips - Ideal because we know how the Airport works.  We monitor all flights daily with Flight Tracker to ensure up to the minute status of all Arrivals and Departures.  We have held a Curbside Parking Permit with the SaskatoonArport Authority for over 10 years.

Meet n Greet Services - Proper welcoming to the city is essencial. With Sign Service guests are met, introduced  and assisted with luggage.  Proper knowledge of who they are, where they are going, city information and assurance of their return trip ensures the passenger is respected and informed.

Vehicle Types - Include Late Model Executive Class Sedans, Vans, SUV, Limos, Luxury Minicoaches, such as Mercedes, GMC and Lincoln.

Insurance Highlights - We carry more than the minimum required 3 million of insurance to legally operate as a Public / Private Conveyance company. We are classified as a Federal Carrier, our NSC # is (00224662). We have successfully completed the SGI / HTB Carrier Audit.