City and Provincial Map and Rates

We charge flats rates for different vehicle types or passenger #'s to and from specific areas of Saskatoon, Regina & Province wide. Know what your final price is in advance.

Our Minimum charge is $40+gst

Sedan Rates (1 - 3 pass.) are typically $40-$60 city wide and $80 hourly in town / $100 out of town.

SUV Rates (1 - 5 pass.) are typically $50-$70 city wide and $100 hourly.

Van Rates (6 - 10 pass.) are typically $60-$80 city wide and $120 hourly

Stretch Limo Rates (1 - 8 pass.) are typically $150 per half hour, $250 for the first hour or $350 for Return Service (2 x 30min. time frames)

Minibus Rates (8 - 22 pass.) are typically $200 per half hour, $350 for the first hour or $450 for Return Service (2 x 30min. time frames)

Bus Service for over 18 pass. is subject to additional charge.

Day Rate (8 hrs) is $1200-$1600

Yes we provide transportation all over the Province.

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Taxi not the ideal situation? Can't fly in to where your going? Don't want to take the bus? Rental to complicated and expensive? Worried about getting lost on Saskatchewans roads? Want the highest levels of safety and convenience?

Now you have the perfect option... Ideal for VIPs, Corporate Executives, Medical and Investment Professionals, Sportsman, Seniors, smaller groups and all passenger types.
Perfect option to flights that are unavailable or don't meet your itinerary.

- More affordable than flights with two or more passengers.
- Increased privacy and comfort for you and your associates.
- Use your cell phone and laptop enroute.
- Most transfer times are same as close to taking a flight.
- Winter / Summer tires on all vehicles ensure higher safety
- Knowledgable drivers equipped with GPS, emergency equipment.
- Privacy and Door to Door service are invaluable
- Meet and Greet sign service at the Airport
- Trailers, Cargo Boxs and Childseats available
- Most common trips are to Regina, Prince Albert, North Battleford.  Prices for the City's listed below are 1 Way and good for two passengers. Additional Passengers are typically +$40 per. Waiting Time and Return trips may be subject to additional charges.
Distances / Typical Prices for 1 Way Service

Sedan/SUV (1 - 3 pass.)    Exec.Van (4 - 10 pass.)    Minicoach (8 - 18 pass.)

La Ronge / Yorkton           (400km)       $550                 $750               $1400
Regina / Moose Jaw          (270km)      $450                 $550               $900
Prince Albert / Battlefords  (150km)      $250                 $350               $750      Bigger / Humbolt / Others  (-100km)     $150                 $250               $650
All other forms of transportation have been taken into account when determining these rates and are structured to be competative for your benefit.

Prices may be subject to additional charges such as travel on gravel roads, new requests, additional passengers are $40 per.
Set prices are established for all locations, vehicle types, number of passengers, time frames, luggage amount and additional requirements. Day rates are from $800 - $1600 depending on specific situations.

Examples of cities we transport to: Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Hudson Bay, Melfort, Tisdale, Nipawin, Yorkton, North Battleford, Llyodminster, Prince Albert, Waskesiu, La Ronge, Meadow Lake, Watrous, Humboldt, Warman, Kindersly and Rosetown.

All rates are good for 2 passengers. additional passengers are typically $40 per.

Discounts on Return Service

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of modern vehicles equipped with winter tires seasonally. Sedans and SUVs such as Mercedes R350, Yukon Denali, Mercedes Sprinter and Limousine Class Vehicles (8 - 20 pass.)

Safety isn't a department, its a mindset. Our drivers are prepared to look after only you.  They haven't worked an 8hr shift or been rushed to meet you such as Taxies.  Our polices, direction and standards are of the highest levels.

Rentals? We work with several rental companies and are well informed on their pricing and packages.  We offer extremely competative rates removing you from liability, navigation, extra costs, etc.

To receive a quote, provide your itinerary through our reservation form above.

Please click on the image to the right for a larger version of the maps.