Limobus Service

Saskatoon has three Limo companies and four Bus companies to choose from.  Approximate rates for Limousines Companies are $250-$350 for the first hour and subject to additional hourly rates beyond that.  Every Company has different standards and ways of confirming reservations.  Find convenience and comfort in our process.  We receive many last minute calls from people that are panicing due to other companies having double booked, don't have the vehicle anymore or have had to cancel. 

Please feel free to call 1st and discuss your needs, options and availability.  We only handle on-line reservations though.  So you simply go to our reservation form and provide us with everything we require to email a quote back to you for your approval.  It takes abut 2 minutes to fill out the form.  Once you have received and reviewed the email quote, you would call back to provide a Credit card # to confirm and discuss any final details.  We then send an email confirmation for you records and assurance of the arrangements.

Typical Packages

We charge $180 for 30 minutes of straight cruise time. Ideal if you only need a Limobus to go from A to B with an ample amount of cruise time.  This cost can be lower if you need direct service without cruising time.  All companies have a minimum charge similar to or more than ours.

We charge $350 for Return service which gives you 2 half hour time frames on either end of two set times.  I.e.  From 7:00pm to 7:30pm and 10:00pm to 10:30pm.  This is popular because your only paying for the hour but you get to use it twice.  From A to B & B to C.  Additional trips / times are subject to additional cost.

Typically "Day Rates" are for Limobuses are $1200 for 8 hours.  Weddings Packages for example are $1000 for a 6 hour afternoon. (12pm-6pm)

Typically "Day Rates" with Full Coach or Mini-Bus Companies are $1200 - $1600+ It is the "industry standard" fee for a Coach service, wether you need it for 3 hours or 10 hours.

Why are Limo's expensive?

Operational cost continually only go up every year.
Specialized Administrative, Driver, Management and other training.
Vehicle Maintenance and other Operational Costs (Tires, Gas, Oil, & other fluids).
Testing and Maintenance of Equipment (Tire Pressure, gages, Engine timing, compression, etc.
Travel time to and from your location
Deadheading when required.
Cleaning Costs (washing, vacuuming, window cleaning, odor removal, detail and dressing).
Vehicles Costs (upkeep, minor repairs)
Safety Costs (semi annual inspections, daily equipment checks, emergency training, etc.)
Indoor Storage and Garage costs (heat, electrical, utilities)
Tool and shop consumables (windshield fluid and wipers, fuses Etc.
Security Features (driver training, Garage / office security and online with regards to debit transactions.
Office Expenses (Long distance charges, Internet, Cell phones, Land Lines, computers and other related fees.
Professional Expenses (Lawyers, Accountants, Advertising, promotions, charity donations)
Insurance of many different types are very expensive for a legitimate transportation company.
Federal , Provincial and municipal operation fees and other surcharges