Airport Transportation & Parking Services


We have been providing this service for over 12 years. Convenient for both Locals and anyone from around the Province using the Saskatoon Airport, this more personalized parking service ensures your vehicle is stored and handled carefully.  And that you come back to a warm clean running car, ready to go. No waiting, cold starting, long pay parking line ups or dead battery hassles. 100% satisfaction!


Testimonial :  Thanks for the great service even with all of delays and stuff I went thru on my way home, you guys were awesome thanks for everything you did it was fantastic. I was delayed 6 hours and to get into my warm clean truck was the best part of my day!
Thank you, Lance Alexander


$120 min. charge - Includes - 7 Days Storage & Basic exterior hand wash.

Add Interior vacuum, wipe down, door jams and floor mats for $50.

$20 per additional numerical day Indoors.


1. Provide your contact and flight information through our reservation form at the top of this page. To ensure we have a the correct information. An email quote will be returned for you to approve.

2. Schedule an appointment time to meet us at our location, map below. (Typically 1.5 - 2hrs prior to Regional flights and 2 - 3hrs prior to International flights)

3. Meet our Agent, he will take you in your own vehicle to the Airport and see you off.  Checking and discussing any final details or arrangements.

4. Your vehicle is safely stored and cleaned. We track your return flight.

5. Once you arrive in customs or get to the luggage carousel, Call from your cell or use the direct phone line at the Hotel Kiosk.  Our Ad is very visable, push #1 to reach the Agent.

6. Meet the Agent in the Cell phone Pick up area in front of the Taxies. Then you return the Agent to Speers Ave. We will have procesed your credit card for payment.

Convenience - The location is less than 1 minute or 1 kilometer away from the Airport and is conveniently enroute. No waiting for a taxi and having to ask a favor early in the morning or late at night. You are able to pack your vehicle the night before and have everything in place. The location is on one of the two roads leading to the Airport and a PCS agent will be waiting for your arrival, no moving luggage from vehicle to vehicle.

Comfort - No more frozen or sweltering cars, your car is brought to you warm and ready to go. You have the option of having the exterior basic cleaned or fully detailed while your away. Would you rather your frozen car not start when you get back or have us deal with the problem before you arrive.

Service - We are an Executive Hospitality Concierge Service, which means we specialize in the professional handling of ones personal & business requirements and itinerary. It is Outstanding Service that separates us from others. A friendly face and positive attitude makes for a great experience. We tailor our services to each individuals specific needs.

Reputation - This is a small professional locally owned and operated niche business. Staff turn-over is nil. Take satisfaction knowing that we will assist you personally every time. PCS's standard is built on a reputation of safety, legitimacy, reliability, convenience, outstanding customer service, honor and pride.

Security - Your vehicle is in very safe and trustworthy hands. We've has been handling or delivering clients most valuable possessions and vehicles for over 12 years. It will at all times will be in a locked compound or stored inside with other highly valuable vehicles. Do to our hours of operation, staff is on location 20 of 24 or more hours per day. Keys are kept in a safe locker at all times.. No more worries about door dings, cold starts, break-ins or vandalism. Insurance?... PCS carries 5 million in insurance


We are located just off on Ave C N and Cynthia which you access via Idlwyld Drive near the Sandman Hotel. Turn on to Speers Ave, the brown second building, inbetween the Northern Fireplace building and the Hunter Electric Co. at 2210 Speers. The Brown Building which is on the right, in one building from the corner of Cynthia and Speers.

Pull up to the front door and sound your horn, a represntative will be out right away. Please call fom your cell phone if able to once you are 5 minutes away.